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Biddleville Park Stream Clean Up

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

On Saturday March 14th, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services joined JCSU and RSPC to engage with the communities of Northwood Estates, Washington Heights and Lincoln Heights to participate in a stream clean up in Irwin Creek at Biddleville Park.

On this day, 44 particpants dedicated over 100 individual hours to help be the solution to water pollution. During this time over 60 bags of trash, several tires, furniture debris and other types of litter was removed from Irwin Creek.

This is just one of the multiple stream clean ups planned by the Our Voice Our Water Project. The goal of the project is to partner with communities of Northwood Estates, Washington Heights and Lincoln Heights to address linkages between stormwater and trash. The next clean up will be at Stewart Street on Saturday, September 12th. For more information contact, Ashley Smith at ,

Be the Solution to Water Pollution

Over 60 tons of litter and trash end up in our streams and lakes from storm drains, flooded yards, and illegal dumping each year in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. This pollution harms wildlife and water quality, limits opportunities for outdoor recreation and is simply not appealing to the eye.

We need your help to keep our creeks clean! Your street has storm drains that lead to your local waterway and what you do around your home and in your community greatly impacts the health of these waters. You can protect our water quality by following these simple, but effective, steps:

1. Rake and sweep street curbs before rain washes debris and litter into storm drains. Yard debris can release excess nutrients, which promotes algae growth in waterways.

2. Pick up after your pets. Rainwater can wash bacteria from pet waste into the storm drain.

3. If you live adjacent to a stream, plant native grasses, plants and trees to help protect the stream banks.

4. Wash your car on a lawn or at a licensed facility. Car wash water contains pollutants toxic to fish and aquatic life.

Report Spills and Stormwater Pollution to 311 or (704) 336-7600. For more information, visit

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