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Proposal accepted for the WRRI-SWC Grant

On February 10th a proposal to the Stormwater Consortium of the NC Water Resources Research Institute of the UNC System was accepted on behalf of Johnson C. Smith University, Regional Stormwater Partnership of the Carolinas and Rising Solutions, PLLC for the benefit of communities in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Empowering Citizens of Charlotte-Mecklenburg With a Voice and Role in Municipal Stormwater Program Goals

The goal of the grant is to foster community engagement and enhance community-municipal partnerships to address the linkage between stormwater and trash, litter and/or illicit discharges in the neighborhoods of Washington Heights, Lincoln Heights and Northwood Estates. Knowledge and perspectives from these community members will be acquired through focus groups and surveys. The project will provide opportunities for comprehensive community engagement at six neighborhood leadership planned educational outreach opportunities, as well as six stormwater-focused participation events developed by project participants.

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