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Pop up event: Storm drain marking in Northwood Estates!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Our Voice Our Water project is now actively hosting pop up events in the communities of Northwood Estates, Washington Heights and Lincoln Heights.

On November 20th, 2020, Our Voice Our Water hosted the very first pop up event with the community of Northwood Estates. Through the course of 3 hours, our team with Mr. Ron Ross of Northwood Estates, marked over 30 storm drains and passed out yard waste bags to community members, as well as surveys. Thank you to all community partners who participated in our survey! View the slideshow below to see before and after effects of cleaning storm drains!

Markers remind residents to keep potential stormwater pollutants such as oil, paint, and pet waste out of storm drains. Leaving a message on your neighborhood storm drain will remind others to avoid dumping harmful items into the drain, helping to reduce water pollution and protect the environment. If you would like to participate in storm drain labeling with the Our Voice Our Water Project, email Daisha Williams at However, if you want to take on this yourself follow the guidelines below:


  • Get all the supplies that you need to mark storm drains. Email or call us at, 980-288-8844 .

  • Clean off the surface of the storm drain and remove any litter or debris.

  • Apply adhesive to the back of the storm drain marker.

  • Stick the marker on the storm drain.

  • Let it dry.

  • Now you are a steward for our watershed!

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