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Storm Drain Labeling, Clearing and Neighborhood Clean Up in Historic Washington Heights

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

With the help of 20 stream cleaners and 11 storm drain markers, who dedicated approximately 3 hours, over 50 bags of trash and other types of litter was removed from Stewart Creek. In addition, 89 storm drains were marked. Thank you to the help of Washington Heights partners and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Stormwater Services Volunteers!

Markers remind residents to keep potential stormwater pollutants such as oil, paint, and pet waste out of storm drains. Leaving a message on your neighborhood storm drain will remind others to avoid dumping harmful items into the drain, helping to reduce water pollution and protect the environment. If you would like to participate in storm drain labeling with the Our Voice Our Water Project, email Daisha Williams at

You can also use this interactive map provided by Char-Meck Stormwater Services to see what storm drains are available for marking in your neighborhood!

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